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Ask yourself, “Will I pass my OSHA inspection?”

OSHA Risk Assessment

A comprehensive, customized assessment tool that provides an OSHA Resource Group Compliance Risk Score and Rating

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  • Our 5-minute OSHA Resource Group Risk Assessment can ensure you’re prepared for your OSHA inspections and help mitigate your rising risk of workplace complaints, injuries and fines.
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    360-Degree OSHA Compliance

    How an outside OSHA Compliance Assessment will benefit your business.

    The proactive approach to compliance and safety begins with a no-obligation consultation. Contact us today!

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    An Insightful look into your organization

    Test the strength of your current safety program through a comprehensive review of all applicable OSHA regulations.

    Authoritative Evaluation

    Boost manager investment and employee confidence with an objective and unbiased evaluation from a credible OSHA compliance authority.

    Time & Cost Savings

    Save time and resources by not only avoiding fines but driving operational efficiencies.

    Insurance for the Future

    Possessing a professional compliance assessment in advance is a strong defense against the possibility of a future audit, citation or litigation.

    Demonstrate Commitment To Safety

    Demonstrates a good-faith commitment to workplace safety to internal and external stakeholders and industry regulators.

    Leverage Outside Expertise

    Infuse your operation with leading-edge industry knowledge, best practices, and experience that you may not have internally.

    Creating a 100% Compliant Operation

    OSHA Resource Group helps you improve safety by facilitating communication and identifying risk spots before a violation occurs.

  • Decrease osha citations and incidents
  • Lower workers comp claims and costs
  • Reduce missed time
  • Always be compliant with state regulations
  • Foster a safer more productive workplace culture
  • Now is the time

    What OSHA risk management means for your business

    The risks and liabilities your business faces are as unique as your business itself. Protect it with custom compliance solution from OSHA Resource Group.

    What does a custom compliance solution look like? Knowing your employees and offering personalized motions analysis Understanding all movements and lifting required by each position An in-depth knowledge of your workplace culture and habits A 360 degree view of every aspect of your operation to identify possible risk points.

    360-Degree OSHA compliance

    Reduce liability and injuries through safety and compliance best practices. We are empowering your team for better OSHA compliance Our compliance providers work directly with your business to identify risk factors and correct compliance issues. We communicate with your team to make entire operation workplace 100% compliant and minimize the chance of a violation ever occurring.

    Total peace of mind for less than you imagined

    Take our FREE risk assessment to find out if you may be at risk of an OSHA violation that could lead to fines and citations.


    OSHA RESOURCE GROUP Compliance Portal

    Integrations to make OSHA compliance easy

    The OSHA Resource Group portal is here to save your business time and money. Stop spending time & resources on OSHA solutions that are incomplete. OSHA Resource Group is here to help.

    Explore our portals features

    Why you should choose OSHA Resource Group?

    Our portal is designed to provide you with the latest compliance requirements for your business. It'll help you to focus on your business, instead fighting the osha compliance battle.

    It all starts with the OSHA Resource Group Portal

    The OSHA Resource Group portal is here to keep you compliant and save you time and money.

    • Free Risk Assessment

      Take our FREE risk assessment to find out if you may be at risk of an OSHA violation that could lead to fines and citations.

    • Employee Profiles

      Easily create employee profiles and assign or un-assign trainings based upon job description.

    • Automated Reports

      Automated reports and notifications for both employees and supervisors concerning scheduled, upcoming, or overdue required training courses.


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    Schedule a 30 minute complimentary review of your confidential, personalized OSHA Risk Assessment results with an OSHA Professional today!

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